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"Aladdin" is what we call him.  He was known as "A.P.Brit" on the racetrack. His right front is shorter than the left and his feet turn out, the right one turns out far.  He was RACED nonetheless.  His front legs are pin fired more than any other I have personally seen.  At the ripe old age of 6, this sweet, gentle natured boy walks like he is 35.  Our incredible farrier has gone to work on Aladdin as have our senior rescued horses affirming his successful rehab. Aladdin needs a sponsor, even if you can promise only $25 a month it will go toward his expenses as we care for him and allow him all the time he needs to become a horse once again. He will not be available for adoption until we are sure of what he wants for his future.

The more you help us, the more horses we can help.  Three other rescues REFUSED this horse.  He is 6! We know we can fix him.  We have proven that time and time again now haven't we?  So please help us with our number 75 and show him he is finally wearing a number that SAVES him, unlike the racetrack number which exploited him, the auction number which endangered him or the kill pen number he could have headed to!

Aladdin's new home.............complete with a posse of loving, caring friends!  New photos will follow!


First of all, my barn manager, Arnoldo, referred to him as "amuleto" (lucky charm, in Spanish) and we have been calling him "Ami" for short, ever since.  His name plate says both
Amuleto, and Aladdin, but he is Ami around the barn.  
This winter was about surviving the ice, so none of the horses worked, but we were able to clear some paddocks of the ice, and managed to get them out almost 
every day! So, since Ami came to us in the Fall, he has just been hanging out and being a horse. He is still very possessive of his food, and will probably always be that
way because of his history. He came easily up to proper weight, and is a super easy-keeper. We give him lots of hay, and only 2 cups of senior A.M.and 2 cups P.M., along with
his Glanzen GL supplement. My vet does not want him to carry extra pounds on those already damaged legs and feet, so we are trying to keep him where he's at. As you can see,
he looks fabulous, and his coat is shiny and healthy (although quite dirty). We cannot wait to start baths this Spring!!

He stands like a gentleman for the farrier, and is getting much better at standing for grooming. He was a little clueless about this at first, and then my farrier explained that racehorses do not
stand on crossties...someone holds their head while they are worked on! Who knew? But, he loves to be groomed, and loves the attention. He is such a people-horse! He comes right over to visit
if you go outside to see him in turnout, and he is always happy to get a carrot or a pat.

He just had his teeth floated, and sheath cleaned. No problem at all with that! Spring shots will be coming along soon, but I don't anticipate any problems with him, because he was fine at Fall shots when
we first got him. He also just got wormed, and will have a physical and fecal count when the vet comes for shots.




Finally! Sweet boy!




Aladdin's barn is amazing

September 09