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We are "not for profit" 501(c)(3) horse rescue

Important News

~So many calls and emails are coming in from people who are frantically trying to find the next month's feed money because of employment loss, medical expenses and in some cases foreclosure.

From the bottom of my heart I ask for help to help people like this.  These are not people wanting to "dispose" of their faithful friend.  These are past adopters, lifetime owners and caring horse lovers who have run into a bad time and need a little assistance.  We MUST be there for them, for their horses.  Nothing is so horrific as watching a hysterical owner witness a kill buyer bid on and win her horse, and there is nothing she can do about it.  It is too late.  I have stood and watched this.


So, we will call this "Valentine's Fund" because Val most certainly was not given up lightly.  I am sure somewhere out there his owner thinks he died at slaughter.  Remember Valentine was saved by Robin for me when Aramis Crossed the Rainbow Bridge....and carried my heart with him. Val is special and I chose him out of 53 waiting for the slaughter truck.


This is Valentine after a couple months of really good care


The fund will collect and disperse monies needed for hay, grain and in certain cases farrier and veterinarian assistance.  It will NOT be used for board payments.


Oftentimes after a brief setback, individuals can find themselves back on their feet and ready to resume full care.  If not, the horses will be able to be placed through Amaryllis and find a SAFE home.

Please help us help those who need just a little assistance to keep the horse they adore.

Help us to bring the horses in need a truck load of hay !

Thank you!


Thank you!